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Stacked Chickies (Bow Only)
Stacked Chickies (Bow Only)

Stacked Chickies (Bow Only)

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TAT: 2-21 Days


When ordering, please specify whether you'd like your bow on a clip or nylon. For clips- I have 2 different options. With and without teeth. If you’d like one with teeth just add “teeth” in the notes.

Bow Ties-

Select either a 3" or 4" bow and add "bow tie" to your notes.

Poof Wraps-

Checkout with any size (4", 5" or 6") and add poof wrap in the comments. After you order, I'll message you with the poofs I have available. 5" is the preferred size.

Adult Wraps-
(twist wrap) checkout with a 6” preorder and just add “adult wrap” into the notes. This will give you a skinny wrap (about 2.5”- which most people have preferred) 

Checkout with a 4” or 5” preorder and add “scrunchie” in your notes. 4” gives you a sew sweet scrunchie and 5” gives you a sew extra.